Frequently asked

1. How long does it take for my order to arrive? 

After successful receipt of payment, your order will be shipped to you as quickly as possible! Depending on the location you have placed your order, it will usually arrive within 3-10 working days. 

If you place your order from our country of origin (Finland), the shipment will take about 1-4 working days.

Intra-European (Finland excluded) orders will be delivered within 7-10 working days.    

You live in Helsinki or the surrounding area and want your order today? No problem – conveniently choose one of our delivery service partners and receive your order the same day.   

a) Foodora: https://www.foodora.fi/en/city/helsinki?r=1

b) Wolt: https://wolt.com/de/fin/helsinki

2. Standard delivery: 

Post, DPD, Bring, Fiuge

Please note that the details are indicative and not exact. If you have any questions about tracking, please send us a message here {;insert.contactform,0}

3. Can I place an order outside the EU? 

We do not currently offer non-European deliveries. If you have a specific request in this regard, please write us a message via this contact form {;insert.contactform,0} a message.

4. What costs can I expect for shipping? 

Shipping for orders via holmen.coffee depends on the location of the delivery address.

Finland: Standard packages: €5.50, other sizes may vary in price. All delivery addresses in Finland at the same price. Parcels to pick-up station: 5,90-12,00 €, to home: approx. 7,90-15,00 €.

Intra-European: depending on country, weight and currency.

Free shipping in Finland for orders over 50 Euro

Delivery is generally possible to the following countries: all European countries including Great Britain

Click here for our shipping and payment guidelines: {;insert.guidelines,0}

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