Holmen Habit Subscription

Holmen Habit Subscription

Alkaen: 8,90  sis. alv / kuukausi

sis. alv

Roast Level: ●●●●●●●●●○ (9/10)
Taste: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut
Suitable for: Espresso

A blend of superior African, Asian and Central American Coffee beans.

Holmen Habit is the classical northern Italian espresso roast – Holmen style! Made from a secret mixture of different beans from around the world, and roasted in the traditional Italian way, you are left with something a little more traditional, but no less delicious.

The coffee flavor is warming and middle bodied with traces of licorice, dark chocolate and has a creamy mouth-feel. Perfect for any time or place. This strong, dark and delicious traditional espresso is the perfect breakfast kicker, and just as suited to an afternoon with friends.

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