Holmen Havana Jatkotilaus

Holmen Havana Jatkotilaus

Alkaen: 8,90  sis. alv / kuukausi

sis. alv

Roast Level: ●●●●●●○○○○ (6/10)
Taste: Spicy Tobacco, Dark Chocolate
Suitable for: Filter, Pot, French Press

Cuba Serrano Lavado Superior, Uganda Bugisu AA, India Robusta

Holmen Havana is a special blended coffee made primarily from beans sourced from Cuba which are grown in the south east of the island on the steep hills of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, in a unique soil mixture of clay and sand. The area is overlooked by Pico Torquino, and was the starting point of the Cuban revolution in 1956. This coffee is an absolute rarity, as only a few bags are exported every year. We add a twist by mixing in Ugandan Bugisu, which lends its dry spiciness to the coffee, and finish up with a hint of Roubusta Parchment to enhance the already strong chocolate and nutty notes.

What results is a darkly roasted coffee, with hints of spicy tobacco, nuts, dark chocolate and Smokey wood. It’s rich and dark flavor is strong, but with very little bite in the palate and leaves a long lasting and pleasant aftertaste of nutty chocolate.

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