Holmen Heart

Holmen Heart

10,90 42,70  sis. alv

sis. alv

Roast Level: ●●●●●●●●●○ (9/10)
Taste: Malty, Chocolate
Suitable for: Espresso

A blend of African, Asian and Central American coffee beans

Holmen Heart is a well balanced decaffeinated espresso blend. Ever been in the position where you wanted a nice cup of coffee at night, but decided against it because you knew you’d have been awake all night? This coffee is our answer to that problem. Darkly roasted to perfection, this blended decaf espresso will keep you warm at night, without the insomnia.

The coffee taste is smooth, slightly malty and goes down easily with very little of the sourness typically associated with espresso blends. Perfect for a late afternoon cup, or to top off your late night meal with some elegant chocolate aftertastes, without the hassle.

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