Puly Grind Crystals – Grinder Cleaner

Puly Grind Crystals – Grinder Cleaner

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Puly Grind Crystals – Grinder Cleaner

Puly Grind is the Gluten free coffee grinder blade and burr cleaner which cleans your grinders blades without the need to disassemble the top part of the grinder. A massive time saver, using this product it means you are free from the task of having to also re-thread your top burr/blade as you would using the traditional method of cleaning.

Puly Grind does not create dust in use and is harmless to diabetics and celiacs. It’s fast, effective and clean in use. Using patented technology these grinder cleaning crystals help you to create a better level of crema, an improved aroma and a better tasting espresso based beverage.

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