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    Cuba Serrano Lavado Superior, Uganda Bugisu AA, India Robusta.

    Holmen Havana is a special blended coffee made primarily from beans sourced from Cuba which are grown in the south east of the island on the steep hills of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, in a unique soil mixture of clay and sand. The area is overlooked by Pico Torquino, and was the starting point of the Cuban revolution in 1956. This coffee is an absolute rarity, as only a few bags are exported every year. We add a twist by mixing in Ugandan Bugisu, which lends its dry spiciness to the coffee, and finish up with a hint of Roubusta Parchment to enhance the already strong chocolate and nutty notes.

    What results is a darkly roasted coffee, with hints of spicy tobacco, nuts, dark chocolate and Smokey wood. It’s rich and dark flavor is strong, but with very little bite in the palate and leaves a long lasting and pleasant aftertaste of nutty chocolate.

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    Colombia Supremo, Handpicked Costa Rica, Brazil Yellow Bourbon.

    A blend of carefully selected South American coffee beans – Holmen Helsinki was our attempt to capture the flavors of our home town, that characteristic acidity and fruitiness you find in Finnish coffee, and give it our own flair. Our secret weapon is Colombia supremo: The highest quality grade of bean produced in Colombia, with it’s distinctively large beans. On its own, it is typically considered a “breakfast coffee”. It lends sweet aromas of honey and chocolate to which we add Handpicked Costa Rica and Brazilian Yellow Bourbon beans, which give it that fruity kick that Nords love so dearly.

    The coffee flavor is a round and smooth for every day drinking, with very little sourness and is easy on your stomach. Light bodied, aromatic and pleasant with tastes of grapes, citrus fruits and traces of honey. Perfect for any time or day, and a good choice for those who like sugar with their coffee.

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    Holmen Hertsi

    Holmen Hertsi is our way to celebrate our neighborhood Herttoniemi.
    The main ingredient is a prestigious Yellow Bourbon from Brazil naturally processed which lends clear notes of hazelnuts roasted together with handpicked beans from Costa Rica and Guatemala.

    The result is smooth coffee with a tinges of brown sugar, cocoa and hazelnuts, in the aftertaste has a long length of dried plums and strawberry.

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    Papua New Guinea, Plantation Sigri Estate, AA Quality.

    Holmen High is a complex and flavorsome coffee sourced from a single, special farm in the Wahgi Valley of Papua New Guinea. Established in the 1950´s, the Sigri Estate rapidly gained international recognition for producing some of the world’s best coffee. The beans are handpicked, wet factory processed and then sundried.

    The coffee flavor contains sweet traces of apricot, gooseberry and red currants. It is a fruity and interesting coffee. Best for impressing your guests with something different, on special occasions.

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    Ethiopia Sidamo, Guatemala SHB Washed

    Our best seller. Holmen Hint is primarily made of beans grown in Sidamo, Ethiopia. Africa’s famous Great Rift Valley has long been considered a likely locale for the birthplace coffee itself. It is here that the lush, green Sidamo coffee growing region is found, where many different heirloom varietals of native Arabica coffee beans grow wild on the hillsides and are farmed in abundance.

    We take these magnificent, rich and sweet beans, and roast them to perfection to bring out their complex flavor, low acidity and floral aroma, and then we mix in Guatemalan beans grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil produced by the active volcanos Acatenango and Fuego, which impart their distinctive caramel flavor to the blend.

    The coffee flavor is mild and easy to drink, with a balanced body, of caramel, citrus, Jasmin, grapes, bergamot and very little bitterness. The perfect breakfast coffee.

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    Costa Rica SHB, Handpicked Uganda, Zambia Washed Arabica AAA.

    Holmen Host is a complex and fruity coffee made with a special recipe formulated from some of our favorite coffee beans. We combine the flavors of Africa, South America and Asia in order to make something unique for those who like their coffee a little fruity and tangy.

    The coffee flavor is fresh and zesty with well balanced fruitiness. It has a pleasant body with traces of dried apple, plum and grapes with a tinge of caramel. Aromatic and refreshing, great for a summer lunchtime or if you need a quick “pick-me-up”.

    7,4026,90 Inc. VAT

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