Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder

Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder

350,00510,00 Inc. VAT

Eureka – Mignon Coffee Grinder

Direct from Florence, Italy comes this combination of rugged functionality and sleek design. The Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder is small and the perfect size for home kitchen use, but also durable and functional enough for professional baristas.

The mignon features stepless micrometrical grinding adjustability to ensure the ideal grind, whatever coffee blend you are brewing. For convenience, the unit features a fork-style filter holder and an ergonomic push/pull timer knob and button-operated timer function.

To ensure the right dosage for each cup, the Mignon is available either with timer-based dosing or with both manual and timed dosing. The fork filter holder is adjustable in two positions, ensuring easy, spill-free coffee delivery. In line with all of Eureka’s designs, the Mignon is designed for straightforward use and easy cleaning and maintenance.


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