Holmen Hangout Subscription

Holmen Hangout Subscription

From: 8,90  Inc. VAT / month

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Roast Level: ●●●●●●●○○○ (7/10)
Taste: Herbal, Chocolate
Suitable for: Espresso

A blend of the very best African, Asian and Central American Coffee beans

Holmen Hangout is a well balanced, dark and full bodied espresso blend. Made from our secret recipe, containing 5 different beans, all of which have been carefully sourced and painstakingly experimented on and mixed to just the right amount to create our most unique and interesting coffee.

The coffee flavor is complex and dark. It has been roasted to perfection and contains a fine fruitiness and herbal aromas mixed with a deep and rich dark chocolate flavor and then some nuttiness in the aftertaste. A delicious espresso for those who want to try something different, or to serve to guests.

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