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Holmen Hint Subscription

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Roast Level: ●●●●○○○○○○ (4/10)
Taste: Jasmin, Bergamot, Citrus
Suitable for: Filter, Pot, French Press

Ethiopia Sidamo, Guatemala SHB Washed

Our best seller. Holmen Hint is primarily made of beans grown in Sidamo, Ethiopia. Africa’s famous Great Rift Valley has long been considered a likely locale for the birthplace coffee itself. It is here that the lush, green Sidamo coffee growing region is found, where many different heirloom varietals of native Arabica coffee beans grow wild on the hillsides and are farmed in abundance.

We take these magnificent, rich and sweet beans, and roast them to perfection to bring out their complex flavor, low acidity and floral aroma, and then we mix in Guatemalan beans grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil produced by the active volcanos Acatenango and Fuego, which impart their distinctive caramel flavor to the blend.

The coffee flavor is mild and easy to drink, with a balanced body, of caramel, citrus, Jasmin, grapes, bergamot and very little bitterness. The perfect breakfast coffee.

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